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Garage and Shed Security

Garage and Shed SecurityBelieve it or not many burglaries occur in garages and sheds a lot more frequently than you think. If you install a curtain, blind or cloudy plastic film, that ensures no one can see what you have inside can prevent this from happening. Many thieves are opportunists. Meaning that if you have items of value left in plain sight   you make your property more susceptible to robbery. Your chances of this happen narrow drastically when you install something to blackout the windows.

There are many ways to make your shed more secure like for instance installing a strong padlock with hidden screws to make it difficult for the lock to be taken apart and rendered useless. Another great option which is a bit newer to the lock world is a padlock with an alarm which will sound when the padlock is being tampered with. This adds protection not only to the shed but to the house as well. Some of these devices can be wirelessly connected to your home security system to alert your security that you have an intruder.

Garage and Shed Security

If your garage is currently secured with an electric opening system, this increases your vulnerability to a break in. Many stories have come out about new clever ways burglars break and enter. One that you probably have not heard of is called fishing. All electric garage door openers are linked to an emergency release valve that can disconnect the door from the opener. This feature allows you to open the door when the opener is broken.  Many criminals have turned this mandated feature into a way to break in. The release Tab is located usually right above the garage door. Buglers usually open the door slightly creating a gap at the top where they will insert a hook and try to fish for the cored, once hooked they simply pull the cord to open the door. Our suggestion to prevent this from happening is to install a wooden shield. This can be made out of plywood and should be positioned in front of the cord facing the door, install it to the cleat with two screws allowing it to break away. This should prevent anyone from fishing for the cord.

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